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Is Canada the ideal place to study? The education provided in Canadian universities has a high international prestige and the lowest costs compared to other developed countries.

Study and Live in Canada – Immigrate to Canada
There are thousands of foreign students studying at Canadian academic institutions. The reception and support services for international students are well organized.

Why study in Canada?
Canadian higher education is excellent and enjoys international prestige. Tuition is competitive and the receptivity of foreign students is optimal.

Student Visa in Canada
Description of the student visa, the requirements and procedures to obtain it and the rights and duties that this document entails.

Study and work in Canada
Students in Canada can work under various conditions. Some job offers can be found at universities or educational institutes.

Canadian education system
Because of the diversity of educational programs and courses, the quality of the educators and the good academic infrastructure, it is affirmed that the Canadian educational system is of great quality.

University level in Canada
Most of Canada’s universities are publicly funded and offer high quality education and services. All of them have a high level of academic autonomy.

Universities in Canada
List of the main universities and colleges in Canada, organized by Canadian province or territory.

Scholarships to study in Canada
Obtaining a scholarship is one way to finance studies abroad. It lists institutions that offer financial aid and scholarships to study in Canada.

Student Housing in Canada
Types of student housing, approximate costs, tips for finding suitable housing. Very useful information for the establishment in Canada for study purposes.

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