Australia imposes changes to support international students

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The government has begun to grant visas to students who are outside the country.
To ensure that Australia remains a destination for students from around the world, the government has implemented a number of measures in the context of the pandemic.

Easing Conditions for International Students in Australia
The closure of borders around the world, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, has posed a challenge to governments of states interested in attracting international students.

For Australia, students are a priority. According to official figures, they provide $40 billion each year and support some 250,000 jobs. Many of them also end up becoming citizens of this country.

The Australian government had already relaxed work restrictions for students working in the areas of health, elderly and disability care during the pandemic.

It has also been flexible in cases where COVID-19 prevented international students from meeting their visa conditions, such as by preventing them from attending classes in person.

Measures to Ensure the Arrival and Stay of International Students
To address the needs of this particular time, the Australian government has put in place a series of measures to ensure the best possible conditions for international students in Australia, both for those within the territory and those who have been unable to enter due to the pandemic.

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